Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Amazed by Learning Process

Okay so our team has completed almost 3 units of math instructional videos and have them uploaded, along with matching templates (daily directional to do lists for the kids like vocabulary words, journal pages to do, games to play when done) to our Franklin Math Google Site and I am amazed at how much we have grown as teachers in this short time. Every time one of us prepares to record a lesson, we first have to discuss what the learning goal is and how to phrase it, then we discuss what the essential parts of the lesson are so we can teach it in 5 minutes or less (we use Jing then upload to Camtasia), and finally we watch the lesson to see if how we taught it is 'good enough.' Our discussions as teachers are so much deeper than they were last year because we are talking about the true meat of our teaching. We are sharing how we each solve the problems and what strategies have helped us learn better (and ones that have not).
One AHA I had while watching Sheryl's videos was how helpful it was when she discussed non-examples when teaching rectangular arrays. As easy as arrays are, it solidified the concept when she showed non-examples. That helped me when I taught the lesson subtracting with decimals. I remembered to show how to not line up the decimals when subtracting. I am a better teacher today than I was yesterday from watching and talking with my teammates.
Tomorrow, we all meet up again and some of our teammates will be recording for the first time. I know they are nervous as it feels like a big change from what they are used to but I am excited for them to see, as Neil, Sheryl, Alberta, Tracy and Jill and I have learned, that this flipping process is not only helping the students learn, but we are learning just as much.

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