Friday, October 5, 2012

Exit Slips

I think one of the best things we are doing now and is having all students fill out one exit slip the last 10 minutes of class every day. We all ask the same question to all 5th graders (and Tracy and I ask the same question to our fourth graders). The question is always based on the learning goal that was focused on in the video as well as the independent practice and games. Then, we all score the exit slips 1,2,3 or 4-based on their proficiency. A 3 means they 'get it' and a 2 usually means they got it but made some computation errors or other smaller errors and 1 means they didn't get it all (after we helped them on the learning goal in math). Our goal is have 85% of our students score a 3 or more every day. Not sure any of us are there yet but the goal makes me work harder and be more aware of their performance.
The most powerful part of using exit slips is our collaboration and data collection. Every day after math, we can say how many students did or did not get the learning goal that day. We then can work with those students the next day and keep checking in using exit slips until they get it. This is so much more efficient than grading a whole study link page AND I am excited for conferences b/c I have real, authentic and meaningful data to share with parents. I am grading less papers yet I know my students,every single one, so much better.

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